Tourist’s haven in a former poultry farm


LIPA CITY—One would never think that the lot where a leading resort at Brgy. Sampaguita now stands was once a poultry farm.

But La Leona Resort is among the city’s top tourist destinations, with its owners originally thinking of just a private pool after the poultry farm was converted into a private lot.

Given that owners Natanael and Leona Mercado will have to maintain the private pool, as well as a small cabana, regularly, the couple decided to open the area to the public.

La Leona’s major come-on is its budget-friendly rates, as well as giving tourists a relaxing atmosphere —based on the concept that tourists will feel the breeze of fresh air coming from trees, while they’re seated in furniture made of old wood (that’s designed in a classy way).

Trees surround the resort, and these make visitors “feel they are close to nature,” resort manager Michelle Caraig told The Filipino Connection.

La Leona has affordable swimming entrance fees ranging from P80 (daytime) to P180 (nighttime), while offering cabana discounts for group tourists.

La Leona also offers a selection of cabanas and nipa huts for varying number of guests. For short stayers, La Leona offers mushroom-like huts for people to eat their meals; 13 cabanas for tourists with more time in swimming and other outdoor activities; and four small and medium-sized nipa huts. La Leona’s cabana and duplex rooms range from P250 to P1,500.

For a longer stay at the resort, rooms like Casa Leona (good for two), Casa Leona Deluxe (for four), La Leona Loft (for six), and La Leona Attic (for 10) are available from P1,550 to P5,150 a night.

When you get tired of swimming, La Leona has videoke machines for you to sing and have fun with friends. Tourists can also play billiards at the Olde Ship Bar and Resto, while kids can have fun at a spacious playground there. La Leon also has function halls, a pavilion, nearby convenient stores, a mini-aviary and a mini-zoo, and a volleyball court. Soon La Leona will open a bar and a basketball court, as well as extend its front desk area.

La Leona is also a popular venue for wedding receptions, Christmas parties, reunions, and seminars. This is not to mention that tourists trying out the place for swimming and relaxation mostly come here from April to June and from November to December. La Leona can also be a camping destination for team-building activities of families and friends.

Before, La Leona primarily targets Batangueno clients; now, the tourists come from nearby and even faraway regions (as far as from Tugegarao City, Cagayan province [northern Philippines]). La Leona is also blessed to see some city residents make their resort a weekend destination.

Prospective visitors find out about La Leona through the resort’s website, as well as through referrals. La Leona Resort’s owners are not from Batangas (Natanael’s from Bulacan and Leona’s from Laguna). But since opening the resort, the Mercado couple has been running a spices business here.

Now, the spice of La Leona Resort, a place where hundreds of chickens once thrived, is the elegance that this relaxation hub brings. Feel the
wooden furniture’s laid-back feel, so are the cabana cottages and the other venues that make La Leona Lipa City’s showcase for leisure.

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