[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Protecting families: Is Pope Francis calling for new approaches?

Pope Francis in the pope mobile (Photo by Ardigail Sarangelo, Contributor)




MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—The family, global society’s basic unit, had never gotten prominent until a pope made that six-letter word trend and headline.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Papal ‘punch’ packs a push for PHL political reform

President Benigno S. Aquino III guides His Holiness Pope Francis towards the Palace Main Lobby of the Malacañan Palace during the welcome ceremony for the State Visit and Apostolic Journey to the Republic of the Philippines on Friday (January 16, 2015). (Photo by Benhur Arcayan / Malacañang Photo Bureau)



MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—A pastor whom the world admires comes here, expresses a message of reform to the echelons of a developing country government, then leaves that seat of power with a punch.