[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Combating poverty is where ‘combative’ gov’t, Church can ‘work together’

Nenita Pardo, 68, went straight to picking up mineral water bottles after Pope Francis' visit to UST (photo by MIA ROSIENNA MALLARI / The Filipino Connection)



MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)–In recent years, the Philippine government has been at odds with the local Catholic Church, owing to divergent views on relevant social issues that affect Filipino families.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Jan. 18 Papal homily: The ‘Joy of the Gospel’ as Francis’ reform message

Pope Francis (photo by Malacanang Photo Bureau)



MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—An entire nation awaits the most important message from a man who’s leading a global religious powerhouse that’s some 1.2 billion people big.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Protecting families: Is Pope Francis calling for new approaches?

Pope Francis in the pope mobile (Photo by Ardigail Sarangelo, Contributor)




MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—The family, global society’s basic unit, had never gotten prominent until a pope made that six-letter word trend and headline.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Spanish priest whom Francis declared blessed still ‘Filipino’

Blessed Eugenio Saz-Orozco, part of the martyrs during the Spanish Civil War in 1936 (photo from FilipinoCapuchins.org)



QUEZON CITY (The Filipino Connection / Philstar.com)–From martyrdom to stardom: Those were the paths to sainthood for the first Filipino saints, San Lorenzo Ruiz and San Pedro Calungsod.

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[Papal Visit 2015] What Francis likes: ‘Popular piety’ that plays big roles in Pinoys’ faith

The annual Black Nazareno procession in Manila is one form of popular religiosity that Pope Francis likes as a means to strengthen the faith, says Manila Archbishop Luis Antonio Cardinal Tagle (photo by MIA ROSIENNA MALLARI / The Filipino Connection)



MANILA (The Filipino Connection, 13 January)—After the nation’s capital saw one Black Nazarene image putting millions of Filipino Catholic faithful to a stop for devotion, this form of “popular religiosity” is one “act of liberation” that a forthcoming visitor actually likes.

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