[Headlines of The Connection] The coconut pest’s now named: What’s next?

Two related species of the Aspidiotus insect specie that has been pestering on Philippine coconut trees for four years have confused scientists. Now that the precise pest, with the scientific name Aspidiotus rigidus (not Aspidiotus destructor), has been named, the search is on for the pesticides that can exterminate this coconut insect. (Photo by Lyle Buss of the University of Florida)



BRGY. BOOT, TANAUAN CITY—Coconut farmer Juan Plete can’t contain the swarming of pests that have been pestering his care of over-100 coconut trees here that mother-in-law Elena Malabanan entrusted him. These pests took care of Plete instead, like thousands of other farmers here and in Batangas province.

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[Headlines of The Connection] Micro-organisms can muster coconut pest—organic farmer

Award-winning organic farmer Ronald Costales has figured a way to stave off the coconut insects. Try out micro-organisms, he says (photo from www.recyclebindofamiddlechild.com)

MANILA—The search is on for the pesticide that can cure an insect that has been feasting on coconut trees in Southern Tagalog and in some other regions of the country for four years now.

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