Pestered by coco pests, farmers’ patience to last a year more

COLORS OF AN OUTBREAK. No thanks to scale insects that have made coconut trees in seven municipalities and a city in Batangas their home, over-180,000 trees have been affected. A sign of such infestation is that leaves turn yellow, like these trees in Tanauan City (the area with the most number of infested trees). (photo by Marlon Alexander Luistro)

Full recovery from coconut pest attack, says PCA, will take pruning, washing, burning, spraying fertilizer unto infected coco leaves

TANAUAN CITY, BATANGAS—EVEN before the Philippine Coconut Authority urged Batangueño farmers to selectively remove, or prune, leaves infected with the scale insect, Crisanta Matira’s had done pruning on her trees.

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