Jesus Christ’ image appears on wall in Tanauan


TANAUAN CITY – An alleged Jesus Christ image has appeared on the wall outside a residence in Barangay Bagbag on January 7, drawing hundreds of pilgrims from as far as Laguna.

An alleged Jesus Christ image was discovered on the wall in Tanauan City (DERRICK GARCIA)

An alleged Jesus Christ image was discovered on the wall in Tanauan City (DERRICK GARCIA)

The outer wall has been turned into an altar as pilgrims lit candles and offered prayers at the site they consider as holy.

On a closer stare, the markings reportedly looked like faded concrete but locals who saw it the first time claim that the image face of Jesus Christ that appeared in a form of a miracle.

“Nobody ever produced that (image). It was all nature,” claims barangay utility worker Cosmero Liada, who was reportedly the first man to see the image as early as last month.

Liada first observed the changes in the house’s outer wall back in December as he used to pass by the said street.

It seemed an image is being gradually formed on the outer wall until he noticed something strange on January 7 morning, when the figure appeared like Jesus Christ.

At first he was hesitant to tell others his story until four days later on January 11, he finally decided to open it up to the house owner Adelaida Manalo, who immediately went out and lit candles in front of the image.

The house owner was also shocked to see the image that appeared on the wall as it wasn’t there over the last six years since it was first built with the landscape garden and the grotto.

The wall instantly became a tourist attraction with some of the visitors crowding the site to see and take pictures with their digital and cellphone cameras.

Others wiped the image with their towels and handkerchiefs as traditional Catholics do to show reverence to God.

“It’s a blessing for me because I didn’t expect that of all people, it would choose to appear before me,” Liada told The Filipino Connection.

“I don’t know what the message is, it’s up for people to know but I’m inviting them to come here and whoever sees (the image) and believes, maybe it’s up to him to decide if he would like to change himself.”

Fr. Jay Encarnacion, assistant parish priest of St. John the Evangelist Church in Tanauan City, says he already visited and saw the wall where the alleged image of Jesus Christ appeared soon after he heard the news.

Local residents were also telling him that the said image was not present before in the same wall that is situated right at the boundary of Tanauan and Balete town.

However he says that the Catholic Church needs to investigate further before it openly declares the event as a “miracle.”

“Things like these happen maybe because we may be losing our faith in God and it wants to send a message to us that will help rekindle our faith in God and bring us closer to Him,” Encarnacion told The Filipino Connection in separate interview.

He also said that the church is not prohibiting Catholics from going to the wall and pray before the alleged Jesus Christ image especially if it lead to their renewal of faith.

Sightings of Jesus Christ and Mama Mary are no longer uncommon in the Philippines, especially in Batangas where majority of the population are Catholics.

The Carmelite Convent in Lipa City was said to be the sight of the miraculous shower of petals and the reported Marian apparitions of the Our Lady Mary Mediatrix of All Grace to Carmelite postulant Sister Teresita Castillo in 1948.

Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles in a Sept. 12, 2015 decree declared the apparition “worthy of belief” as he encouraged devotion to the Blessed Mother.