Fun, elegance for a stress relief

IBAAN, BATANGAS—As soon as you enter this paradise, you’ll then forget about your worries. The best place to get away from the city life. I can’t remember the last time my heart was captured by the beauty of such place. But setting foot in Villafranca resort, my whole being was captured.

Even a fellow tourist, 38-year-oldPasayCityresident Cherry delaRosa, agrees with my enchantment of this resort. “Our family loves the serenity of (Villafranca Resort) and its clean surroundings. There is also privacy here unlike in other places which were occupied by many people. Here, we feel comfortable, far from the stress and worries, and you will feel the province-like atmosphere.”

Villafranca Resort Ibaan Batangas

Villafranca Resort, Ibaan, Resort

That provincial feel is through Villafranca’s 25 mango trees, the plant and floral decorations. That feel is then complemented with fun: there are three colorful giant slides in the Olympic-sized main pool. The slides have a penchant for those youthful or kiddie colors.

See also the red and yellow banderitas: it seems to be a fiesta here.

Then there’s elegance: the garden is fit for weddings even as the couple can reveal themselves after passing an arc-like walkway covered with plants. The resort’s grounds are landscaped with many flowers and some bonsai plants. The main reception can be held at the pavilion —up to 600 people can fit in there. The place has parquet floors that are fit for ballroom dancers, as guests can also take brief respites at a beauteous house beside the pavilion.

Eric Villafranca, 65, Manager of Villafranca 1 and 2 Resort, opened a resort here because he noticed that there was only one resort in Ibaan , Villa Marines, and “it will be better if there’s a competition.”

But before Villafranca 2, he already opened Villafranca 1 in Laguna. He also had other businesses such as a money remittance business inLos Angeles, apartment rental inPasayCity, and leasing of a condominium unit in Rockwell.

The resort is the fulfillment of this once-poor boy’s dreams of achieving success right in his hometown: “I carry vegetables and fruits in the wet market when I was still in elementary and high school,” says Eric who belongs to a brood of 14 children. Poverty wasn’t a hindrance for him to finish accountancy at Far Eastern University in 1972, then proceeding to theUnited Statesto work.

Villafranca 2 has affordable rates; the entrance fee ranges from P100-175 per person, while rooms cost from P1,500 to 6,000 a night. They have four rooms for 10-15 persons and nine rooms for 2-4 persons. There were also beach chairs, market umbrellas, and lounges.

Villafranca 2 is also known for wedding reception and other occasions. Its pavilion can hold 600 guests and they have a wide parking space for the guests’ vehicles. A BMW Z3 sports car is also available for rent as a bridal car.

villfranca resort rosario batangasNo wonder Villafranca 2 Resort was acknowledged by the municipal government as a tourist destination. Eric said, in Filipino: “People return here because the resort is clean and our plant and floral decorations are beautiful. The swimming pool’s another attraction. Our Laguna resort’s come on is the hot spring.”

VIllafranca 2 resort ( is among the things why tourists, mostly from Metro Manila, should try out Batangas: “It is more relaxing here, far from stressors,” says Eric.



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