[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Jan. 18 Papal homily: The ‘Joy of the Gospel’ as Francis’ reform message

Pope Francis (photo by Malacanang Photo Bureau)



MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—An entire nation awaits the most important message from a man who’s leading a global religious powerhouse that’s some 1.2 billion people big.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Protecting families: Is Pope Francis calling for new approaches?

Pope Francis in the pope mobile (Photo by Ardigail Sarangelo, Contributor)




MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—The family, global society’s basic unit, had never gotten prominent until a pope made that six-letter word trend and headline.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Poverty is where the good news is: A Nazareno story

The feast of the Black Nazarene crowd this year (Photo by MIA ROSIENNA MALLARI  The Filipino Connection)



CITY OF IMUS, CAVITE–Standing under a weathered entrance, Zenaida Parcero looks like any other churchgoer on a Friday morning. With greyed hair, slim-rimmed glasses and a frayed red blouse, there’s nothing about her that absolutely stands out.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Papal ‘punch’ packs a push for PHL political reform

President Benigno S. Aquino III guides His Holiness Pope Francis towards the Palace Main Lobby of the Malacañan Palace during the welcome ceremony for the State Visit and Apostolic Journey to the Republic of the Philippines on Friday (January 16, 2015). (Photo by Benhur Arcayan / Malacañang Photo Bureau)



MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—A pastor whom the world admires comes here, expresses a message of reform to the echelons of a developing country government, then leaves that seat of power with a punch.

[#AwaNgDiyosPH] OFWs’ oasis of grace: Faith as culturally Filipino




DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—Some 7,208 kilometers away from the Philippines, a lone Catholic church here serves as an “oasis of grace” for Filipinos.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Francis is here –hoping to ‘renew’ faithful, Church

His Holiness Pope Francis' smile radiates in an early evening motorcade upon his arrival in Manila to begin his five-day apostolic visit to Asia's biggest Christian nation. (photo by Philstar.com / Arnel Joseph Bolando)



MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—Pope Francis had arrived in the Philippines in a windy fashion, and expect the Vicar of Christ to blow a wind of renewal unto the Filipino Catholic Church, says a theologian.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Can faithful be with the poor?



MANILA (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)–A Salesian priest urged people from a country with steep income divides to find a “calling” and “be with the poor”.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Garin as health secretary ‘big slap’ on Church, says bishop

Permanently-appointed Health Secretary Janette Garin (photo from her Facebook account)



LIPA CITY (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)–Lipa Archbishop Ramon Arguelles slammed President Benigno Aquino’s decision to appoint Janette Garin as permanent health secretary, branding it as a “slap not only to the Pope but to the Catholic Church.”

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Spanish priest whom Francis declared blessed still ‘Filipino’

Blessed Eugenio Saz-Orozco, part of the martyrs during the Spanish Civil War in 1936 (photo from FilipinoCapuchins.org)



QUEZON CITY (The Filipino Connection / Philstar.com)–From martyrdom to stardom: Those were the paths to sainthood for the first Filipino saints, San Lorenzo Ruiz and San Pedro Calungsod.

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[#AwaNgDiyosPH] Francis’ visit jumpstarts 500-year celebration of PHL Christianity

A painting by national artist Fernando Amorsolo on the first baptism in the Philippines on April 14, 1521 (image taken from xiaochua,net).



PARANAQUE CITY (The Filipino Connection and Philstar.com)—Today’s arrival of the Vicar of Christ in the Philippines marks a symbolic time for the Catholic Church to jumpstart a six-year journey of renewal leading to the 500th anniversary of Christianity in the country.

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