[Exclusive] The bank shutdowns that pulled down Pinoy remittances from Greece

Filipinos in Greece (like these Filipinos who congregated in Athens) experienced difficulties in sending money home from late June to August 29. This was after the nearly-bankrupt Greece instituted capital controls, to include disallowing overseas remittance transactions, so that the country's banking system remains liquid. Greece got a third bailout package from creditors led by the European Union to avoid bankruptcy (photo from the Facebook page of Kasapi-Hellas, a Filipino group based in Athens)


MANILA (The Filipino Connection)—Remittances from Filipinos abroad, on a global aggregate, continue to increase even with economic turmoil affecting not just host countries but also superpowers like China that have multi-layered economic links to many countries.

But what about Greece? Since the country tinkered with its inability to pay sovereign debts that led to an almost-cashless banking system, Filipinos from that Mediterranean country literally cannot send more money home.

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[Rewind #AwaNgDiyosPH] Wellspring of Pinoy faith found in cosmopolitan desert

Filipinos overflowing the compound of St. Mary's Church in Dubai (photo by JASPER EMMANUEL ARCALAS / The Filipino Connection)


For Easter, The Filipino Connection releases articles from its special edition on the apostolic visit of Pope Francis last January 15-19, 2015.


DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES—Some 7,208 kilometers away from the Philippines, a lone Catholic church here serves as an “oasis of grace” for Filipinos.

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[Rewind #AwaNgDiyosPH] In 18th century, Pinoy sculptor is ‘missionary’ to Pope’s homeland

Santo Domingo Penitente, a sculture made by Filipino Esteban Sampzon (photo taken from http://www.fotodoc.com.ar/?p=169)



For Easter, The Filipino Connection releases articles from its special edition on the apostolic visit of Pope Francis last January 15-19, 2015.


MANILA—Can the first Filipino migrant missionary in South America be a sculptor?

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[Yolanda a year after] Donating to disaster relief: Sending goods back home ‘expensive’

The WIMLER Partnerships for Social Progress supported some 20 fishermen from Bantayan, Cebu affected by typhoon Yolanda by giving them new fishing boats. (photo by WIMLER)



HONG KONG—In the lead up to the first anniversary of typhoon Yolanda’s destruction in the Visayas islands, a Filipino donor group in Hong Kong had to learn the hard way how in-kind donations from abroad may be best sent back home.

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In HIV-positive OFW MSMs’ ordeal, family is refuge

(Photo by Mia Rosienna Mallari / The Filipino Connection)



It was all white. Was it?

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Giggles bellow tale-telling of HIV infection by OFW MSMs





PASIG CITY—Rectangular tables cramped a small hotel room with some 35 people participants, including males who clasp their hands effeminately. Some of them wore polo shirts whose sleeves are barely longer than the hairy portions of their armpits.

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Repatriation of OFWs in Middle East greets Calzado’s entry into OWWA


Rebecca Calzado takes over OWWA’s reings from recent retiree Carmelita Dimzon.

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DOLE’s undersecretaries given roles for OFWs by region


Expansion of roles of DOLE’s undersecretaries a response to growing Filipino migrant worker population

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[Exclusive] Overseas Pinoys emerging as tourists in motherland

Filipinos abroad are being egged on by their home country to be ambassadors for foreign tourists--and to be tourists to their own motherland (photo from http://getrealphilippines.com/blog/2013/04/why-pinoy-tourists-are-most-likely-to-get-bad-reputations-abroad/)


Over a 12-year period, numbers of vacationing compatriots from abroad–as well as their expenditures here–reveal that they remain an untapped sector for the country’s tourism development.

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A generation hence: Filipino workers still can’t shake off itch to migrate

A scene from the 2014 Kalayaan Job Fair last June 12 at Luneta Park where over-35,000 jobs locally and overseas were on hand. (photo by the Philippine Information Agency-National Capital Region)


Overseas work’s lure continues to tease the employed and unemployed here. Some fall for it even as some still find joy working here at home.

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