Fun, elegance for a stress relief

Villafranca Resort Ibaan Batangas

IBAAN, BATANGAS—As soon as you enter this paradise, you’ll then forget about your worries. The best place to get away from the city life. I can’t remember the last time my heart was captured by the beauty of such place. But setting foot in Villafranca resort, my whole being was captured. [Read more…]

Greenhouse tourism

Casa Rap San Jose Batangas

SAN JOSE—Ever heard of a greenhouse cafe and restaurant?

Go to the national highway here, at km. 90, and check out Casa Rap and its concept of greenhouse tourism, or a kind of tourism that celebrates the greenhouse effect (where the infra-red rays of the sun cannot pass through a transparent medium that absorbs and traps the radiation from the sun). [Read more…]