The Market

Advertising opportunities through The Filipino Connection (initial run: 1,000 copies, circulated in the three cities and five municipalities every Sunday, as well as electronically globaly) are open for:

  • Foreign and non-Batangueño companies found within the Batangas Local Growth Corridor;
  • Metro Manila-headquartered companies operating in Batangas;
  • Companies in the vicinity of Calabarzon searching for markets in the Batangas Local Growth Corridor;
  • Small and medium enterprises (e.g. resorts, hotels, restaurants);
  • Tiers of government
    1. Local government units and their offices in the three cities and five municipalities;
    2. The Batangas provincial government; and
    3. Regional offices of national government agencies;
  • Non-government organizations within and outstide Batangas;
  • The Church and its allied institutions;
  • Educational institutions (including private schools) within and outside the Growth Corridor; and
  • Families and organizations of overseas Batangueños.


The Filipino Connection offers bundled advertising packages, all affordable. For every advertisement placed, it covers one week of space in the printed newspaper and two weeks presence in the news website. Links to the newssite will then be aligned to postings of The Filipino Connection on Facebook and Twitter.

For advertising inquiries, please contact us at our landline (043) 7067434 or our mobile phone numbers 09487524020 / 09068674905 and look for marketing officer Ms. Jenna Rodrigueza.  You may also reach us at our email address